Vancouver Canada Top Things To Do

Here on the Seawall Promenade you’ll find tons of people running and biking and workin’ up a sweat. What I love is that on one side you have Stanley Park, with the beauty of nature and then on the other side, the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver.

I had too short a visit as my friends were dragging me to the Casino for a bit gambling fun.  As for me, I prefer online casino Singopore to play. But in Vancouver this is a must visit for the accomplished traveler and local casino player and very much for the business person.

And as you head into Stanley Park you have all these massive, really old trees. Downtown Vancouver has a lot to offer as well. This is a totem pole produced by a local First Nation’s artist. I really enjoyed walking around Gastown and seeing the steam clock.

It actually winds the weights and blows the whistles four times an hour.  I’ve never seen a steam clock and it was incredible. It only takes a few minutes to go from the downtown core to being completely surrounded by nature. I was a bit nervous coming out on the bridge but I was told that it’s strong enough to hold 96 elephants.

So I feel pretty secure. That being said I’m not going to lean over too far. Just a little. When you get out there you’re looking down into a gorge with a river, there’s trees all around you.

Grouse Mountain’s so cool too. Take the gondola up the mountain and on the top you can experience wildlife, and learn about lumberjacks, and just enjoy the spectacular view. Over on Granville Island they have this amazing market.

There are endless rows of food-stalls, everything from fresh produce to sweets, and even seafood. It’s just a great placed to indulge and feel like your on vacation. And not far from Vancouver is the capitol of British Columbia, Victoria. There you’ll find Butchart Gardens which is heaven on earth. This is the Sunken Gardens, and it is breathtaking.

Sailing around the harbor is a great way to spend the evening. I had so much fun here in Vancouver with you. I did as well. It was just incredible that you could be in the city and then a few minutes later be surrounded by the most incredible nature.