Best Strategies for Blackjack, Craps & 2 More Games with Michael “Wizard of Odds” Shackleford

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Hi and welcome to our instructional video that is designed to make you smarter gambler. My name is Steve Bourie and on the author of the American casino guide, which is the number one bestselling book in the US on the subject of casino gambling and travel and the only book that comes with more than one thousand dollars in casino coupons. If you want to know more about the book, be sure to visit our website at and if you have an iPhone or iPad be sure to download our free app just go to the app store and search for American casino guide.

In this video, Michael Shackleford, who is also known as The Wizard of odds and the author of gambling 102 gives a quick rundown on the best strategies for playing for popular casino games, blackjack craps, mississippi, Stud and sick bro. Now here’s michael Shackleford blackjack is one of the best.

That’S on the casino. If you remember just one thing about blackjack, it should be to never play 625 blackjack, referring to how much a black chick peas always insist on the full three to two up other than that. You should still hunt around for good rules, the fewer the decks, the better it’s good.

If the dealer stands in a sauce 17, it’s going to go into laughter, split surrender is places, but if you remember all that just remember never ever ever play 625 blackjack, I’m gon na go over with you, my simple wizards basic strategy to blackjack. This is a little different than the standard basic strategy, but this is much easier to remember and as almost as good, first of all, if you have 8 or less points just hit, if you have nine points, then we got ta talk about small cars and big Cards, if the dealer has a small card showing up meaning it to through a6, then you double. If the dealer has a big carte menu 7 through an ace, then you just hit it with 10 or in 11.

Then you double down. If you have more points than dealer, for example, if you have a 10 nuff, the dealer has a9 or less. If you have an 11 and a dealer has a $ 10 or less, then you double down with a 12 to a 16 which you’ll see all the time stand. If the dealer has a small cart hit, if he has a big heart now, let’s talk about the soft hands, those our hands, were you haven’t a senior hand if you have a soft, 15 or less just always hit if you have a soft 16:02 18 double, If the dealer showing a small cart hit, otherwise, if you have a soft 19 or more than just and now, let’s talk about splitting, if you have a pair of to use, threes, sixes, sevens or nine’s split against the dealer small card, if the deal has up Big card then revert to the hard total strategy.

I just went over if the dealer, if you have a pair eights or aces, always split on and you never split, fours fives or tense.

Finally, if there’s one situation, you should surrender is 16 against the 10 surrender that that’s gon na get you almost to the full power, the much more complicated basic strategy. The house, a mansion blackjack, can range anywhere from 0.2 percent to 0.8 percent, assuming they pay 3221 blackjack. The dreaded 625 has a house advantage about 2 percent plank 625. Blackjack would be like paying twenty dollars for a gallon of gas up and for comparative purposes. Right now, its $ 3.50, a gallon for more information about black checker, any casino game.

Please visit my website was it a botched, a comp where I have the Wizards, simple blackjack strategy that I just went over. Casinoslots is also one of the best bets on the casino.

The rules are a little bit complicated, but um just remember this.

The four best bets are the pass, don’t pass com and don’t come and always back those up with are the maximum odds that you’re comfortable, taking avoid all the sucker bets in the middle, the table just stick to those line. Bats. Most casinos here in Las Vegas. Allow what’s called three 45 times odds.

That’S how much you can bet on the ONS.

If that’s the rule, then the combined house and manage between the pass and the ONS is 0.37 percent and laying odds on a three four five times table up the house and manage between the don’t pass and odds is 0.27 percent. So the odds are a little bit better on the so-called dark side: betting that don’t hassling the ONS, but what’s most important, is just avoid everything in the middle the table there all sucker bets stick to the line bets and the arts mississippi’s the new casino games Out there place kinda like the old, let it ride instead of pulling back your money. Has your senior cards, you can add more money.

If you have good cards, what you win is based solely. On your own hand, the dealer doesn’t take any cards at all and at the house advantage of things considered, as 4.91 percent am just gon na, go over real quickly. The strategy with your first two cards at the first decision point you should make the big raise if you have any pair, if you have one high card where high card is a jack to an ace, then make the small one time, sir, and he raise, if You have to medium cards and median carding.

A six through 10 make the small one x rays or if you have 65 suited the I’m strategy for the other decision points on my website, wizard about Starcom, and if you see any side bets on the game, avoid them all side.

Bets are sucker, bets sick, but was perhaps the oldest casino game out there it’s a little hard to find in the United States, but it’s all over the place in Macau. It’S based simply on the role of three dice, there’s dozens of different ways. You can bet on the outcome, but there’s only two good bets on the whole table: the small in the big, the small wins.

If the toll on the dice is $ 10 or less, the big wins at the total is 11 or more both the even-money. However, they both lose if the. If the three of a kind is rolled house manages 2.78 percent, every other bet on the table is a sucker bet.

They carry very high house images and that’s on you know about 600.

If you want to know more about me or about how to play any up hundreds, a different casino games, please visit my website, wizard odds, dot com or you can buy my book gambling. 102. Don’T forget that you can see more of our educational gaming videos on our YouTube channel: let’s go to YouTube dot com, slash American casino guide;